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Hassle-Free Gas Fitting Services

The use of gas appliances at home has numerous benefits. They are clean, cost-effective, and convenient to install and use. Although it's advisable to get your home pre-fitted for gas appliances at the time of construction, you can still get it done whenever you wish. Count on us for hassle-free installation of all kinds of gas appliances in your home.

Installation of gas appliances

  • Oil Gas Conversions

  • Small Gas Appliances

  • Gas Stoves

  • Gas Fireplaces

  • Gas Dryers

  • Gas Furnaces

  • Gas Space Heaters

  • Additional Gas Lines (for a new patio, grill, anything that needs new gas line)

Plumbing installations and additions


With us, you don't just get quality heating and plumbing services but services for emergency situations too. You'll always find our services available when you need them the most. You just have to give us a call today, and we'll make sure that your problem is resolved.

Get a 1-year WARRANTY on all new fixtures, pipe, and fittings installed by us.

Give us a call for professional gas fitting services.

You can rely on the trained professionals at Exodus Plumbing, Heating & Gas who can take care of your gas fitting needs.


We provide extensive commercial and residential gas line work. If there's a need for any gas line addition, we do it all. Call us today for your questions and concerns.

Get a cost-effective gas appliance installed at your home.